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Did you know? 

Except in the province of BC, your executor must be in possession of the original, signed paper will to obtain probate. Custodius keeps your will safe, secure, and easy to find – easing the burden on your loved ones and providing you with peace of mind for this last essential step of the estate planning process.

Why should you securely store your original paper will with Custodius?

Help ensure your estate is distributed as you intend.

Formally and securely storing your paper will is the best way to ensure that it remains protected and available when needed.

Custodius facilitates easy will retrieval when needed for probate.  If your will is missing, the distribution of your estate is influenced by a variety of factors beyond the control of your family, your executor, and your estate lawyer. It also costs significant time and money that diminish your gifts.

Make your will easy to locate and retrieve.

Many things can happen between the time you write your will and your death. Moving, down-sizing, fires, floods, break ins, and tampering all expose your will to risk of loss or destruction. Or you may lose capacity and not be able to communicate the whereabouts of your important documents.

When your will is stored with Custodius, anyone can search the registry and immediately see that your will is safely stored, but only specified individuals can obtain access. 


Specified individuals such as you, your lawyer, and your estate trustees can retrieve your will.

Free your executor from the burden and stress of administering an estate with a missing will.

If your original will is not available at time of probate, multiple legal complexities come into effect that cause delay and expense.


Your executor will bear the burden of managing these complexities, which range from starting a court application to fielding questions from relatives and loved ones as to progress and proceedings that are not within the executor’s control. 


An executor’s job is already complex enough without the added burden of proving a missing will.

Preserve harmony among your loved ones.

A missing will leaves many unanswered questions for your loved ones. Without a will, the laws of intestacy take effect, which are unlikely to align with your wishes. 


This commonly leaves relatives at odds with one another as the laws of intestacy come into effect.  Untangling the mess of an intestacy can involve emotionally charged mediations or court applications.

Preserve and protect the funds in your estate.

When a will is missing, the additional costs required to administer an estate can add up rapidly. An estate without a will can be diminished paying additional legal and administrative costs.


When the original will is available, legal and administrative costs are reduced to the standard probate application process.

Help ensure a quick and efficient probate process.

Challenges enacted when a will is lost can extend the probate period of your estate by months or even years. An extended probate period takes an emotional toll on family members.


The inability to wrap up the affairs of a deceased family member can postpone surviving family members’ ability to achieve ‘closure’ on the passing of their loved one, which can hinder the healing and grieving process.

Ensure peace of mind for yourself.

The mental or emotional burden of being the custodian of your own will is not to be underestimated. Knowing there is a document under your care that will impact the lives of your loved ones after your death is not something that should weigh on your mind. 


By having your will formally and securely stored with Custodius, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve taken measures to protect your estate and your loved ones from the impact of the avoidable scenarios described above.

How it works

How it works

Securely storing your will with Custodius is easy.

Here’s a summary of how it works.

  1. Your lawyer initiates your Custodius registration process from their office. Generally your lawyer will pay the single life-time storage fee on your behalf.

  2. You receive a registration email to confirm your information, review and sign the User Agreement.

  3. When your registration is complete, your lawyer sends your will by courier to Custodius, where it is then secured in our vault.

  4. You and your lawyer receive an email confirming the arrival and safe storage of your will.

With your will now safely in storage under the care of Custodius, it can be easily found, and retrieved by the authorized individuals anytime.


Take the last step to fully put your affairs in order - secure your will with Custodius. 

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